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The process of tattoo tattoo is briefly introduced

Release date:2018-03-20

Give you a brief explanation of the tattoo tattoo procedures, hope to want to tattoo friends help!

1. Wipe the skin on the part where the tattoo is prepared with alcohol.

2. Use a water-based pen to draw the pattern in the place where the tattoo is prepared.

3. Perform tattoo movements.

4. It is inevitable that pigment will be touched on the hands when delivering the needles. If it affects the tattoo work, you should first clean the ink that has been printed on it so that the tattoo can be carried out smoothly.

5, clean one last time, then wipe up the top of the speedham protection. Just tattoo tattoo place can produce red swelling phenomenon, two hours to half a day time to be able to reduce swelling, sleep and do not have special restrictions, still just as well, in the bath can wipe a bit of vaseline or isolation emulsion, best to avoid soap and water stimulation.


The person that has tattoo tattoo design on the body does not want to go as far as possible bask in, because the skin metabolism after sunning can increase quickly, fear can affect tattoo color, this is the reason that the tattoo color on lifeguard and fitness coach is more unknown. Tattoo fees are not fixed, depending on the number of hours spent in each tattoo studio, the more expensive the color.

If the work cannot be completed within two hours of the recipient's pain, the tattoo must be divided into several tattoos. Some people are not satisfied with the pattern they have got before, or they want to go to studio B to repair the broken pattern in studio A. This situation is not impossible, but depends on the situation. Some only need to be slightly modified, and some may not be able to be improved. So be careful with tattoos.



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