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Anu tattoo domain before and after the tattoo system

Release date:2018-03-20

1. Before coming to the shop, I hope my friend can make an appointment by phone first, because I'm afraid that sometimes I will suddenly go out and delay your time. {online consultation direct to the shop tattoo friends, hope that the day before you call to make an appointment. If you have a scar and need to design a scar tattoo, please inform us in advance. The artist will arrange the time for you. If you cannot come suddenly, please call us.

2. Remind you to get a good sleep the night before you come to the tattoo shop. Sometimes the tattoo time is longer, you did not eat, did not have a good rest words, easy to hypoglycemia, physical strength can not keep up


3. After tattooing, keep in mind what the master has told you, and do as required. If you don't understand something, you can call at any time. It's our responsibility to get you a tattoo, but it's your responsibility to protect it when it's done. Now that we have the tattoo, we hope you can protect it as required.

4. I hope you can go back to the store again after the skin scab grows. Some people do not pay attention to protection, the scab will scratch, will take some color, or bubble water, you come back we have shown to you, if there is the case of scratch color can be repaired for free. I hope you will protect it during recovery. We are responsible to you, hope you are also responsible to yourself!

The above is the system before and after the tattoo, I hope you can follow. We act in a committed manner towards you. After all, tattoos are a lifelong thing. No matter go to other tattoo shop tube don't care you, but as long as can come artistic slave, we can be responsible to you after all!!! I hope you can respect and understand each other. Get everyone's support!


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