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The rules of the store in the area

Release date:2018-03-20

Since the establishment of the shop, we have been hoping to bring customers, comfortable and comfortable tattoo bad environment. Therefore, we take the studio form and treat every customer as a friend. We are also rigorous and responsible for the tattoo design. Tattoo division is not very talkative at work, because of the need to concentrate on work, responsible for every customer, be responsible for each of his works, at the same time, art slave tattoo shop wouldn't like other tattoo parlors if see your tattoo, representative have the benefits will do a thing, art master slave store as long as in the case of she didn't work, will always accompany to tattoo shop friends, although the tattoo has been widely popular, but there are a lot of people is the first time contact, hard to avoid can afraid of tension, then another tattoo teacher who will soothe your mood, make you more comfortable when tattoos. Not even one person can be afraid! Enjoy the whole process of tattoo like chatting with friends! Often the guests will bring a lot of friends back, I think this is our attitude infected you!

The company hopes to lead a new trend to make tattoos in xi 'an international. Not only to make money, we do our own attitude, this is the artist has been adhering to the attitude and direction. Hope to work with more people in the industry! Also hope to get more friends support!

Professional tattoo design

Every customer who comes to the store can rate the store! Hope to get more friends support, thank you!

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