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Tattoo inspiration, tattoo is a kind of art!

Release date:2019-01-12

Xi 'an tattoo which good? Tattoo art has always been unable to enter the field of pure art mainstream, because in the eyes of the world, it has always been associated with violence, drugs. And, of course, because the first genre includes a lot of bad, dead color. May engage in the tattoo work the tattoo teacher, always USES the industrious hands, the quiet work. Tattoo artists are mostly engaged in professional art training or love painting art, but for the day, how many people throw away the beloved brush, into the tattoo work team. Who doesn't want to go to the Louvre in France to bear the edification of art;

Xi 'an tattoo which good?

Who wouldn't want to go to Rome, Italy, to see the true works of Renaissance masters? Who does not want to carry a picture clip, go to nature every day sketching, to draw the Great Wall yingzi, to draw the clouds of huangshan sea, but we need more bread and water, the needs of satisfaction. Looking at the starving children, white-haired mom and dad, how many tattoo people go away, hard work, as long as the guests happy smile, hear the guests sincerely thank you, the heart will have a kind of approval of satisfaction, at that moment, tired hands are no longer tired, because there is warmth in the heart.

Tattoo experience: tattoo, my understanding is attributed to the arts and crafts, picturesque color porcelain is the same, with its own art common sense through the tattoo machine, the thin needle into the color of the skin, but things are not the same, serve the goal is not the same, the same just meticulous energy. Tattoo artists are not pure artists, because the occurrence of works can not be the same as pure art in its own thinking, but tattoo artists and guests between the communication of thinking. Tattoo artists to comply with the needs of the guests, put forward appropriate claims, and then through their own experience, the use of tattoo techniques to end a tattoo, which is very different from pure art works.

As a tattoo artist in xi 'an, when you pick up the tattoo machine, should throw away the elements of money, because as long as you focus on good tattoo every work, you can find interest in tattoo works, to go further on the road of tattoo art. I often hear tattoo artists complain, "how good can I get him for such a cheap price?" it's actually a mistake. Carefully wenhao every work, when you look back a few years from now to see its work, you will find its progress, this is your biggest harvest.

Xi 'an tattoo which good? Don't be an artist, at will on the skin of others to carry forward, since only a work tattoo artist, as long as the heart to do every work, is a moral work of xi 'an tattoo artist.

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