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Xi an tattoo shop to remind you: pregnant women do not tattoo!

Release date:2019-01-16

A guest's daughter-in-law is two months pregnant. She saw her husband getting a tattoo, and she also wanted to get a tattoo, so she put forward the demand for the tattoo. Can the pregnant woman get a tattoo? Xi 'an tattoo shop said the answer is definitely not!

Xi 'an tattoo shop

Pregnancy can be said to be a major event in life, is a good thing is also merit, pregnant women in pregnancy period can not do a lot of work, trust pregnant women know, procreation ah, is not a small matter, so in this very period, a lot of work have to be careful, including itself and the baby in the belly.

So pregnant women can not tattoo that is very normal, if the fetus moved, we can not bear the responsibility to trace. Say the tattoo before and after the maintenance of doubt, tattoo serious mood, the feeling of the needle at the time, the effect of the external cause of a simple adverse reaction and so on.

You can do whatever you want with no meat in your belly, but don't get a tattoo until you have a baby.

Had the child not only to the individual to the child all must hold the position, has the child is not simple, must have the child to be not simple, but wants the tattoo that is handy, the tattoo what time can do, has the money to be able to tattoo, wants how tattoo to have no doubt, so you said that is pregnant is still the tattoo important?

Xi 'an tattoo shop stable tips pregnant women, whether you are a few months pregnant, first pay attention to what you want to do and probably not probably secretary. As for the little things like tattoos. Still no.

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