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Xi an tattoo shop to remind you to pay attention to laser tattoo cleaning!

Release date:2019-02-20

Xi 'an tattoo shop reminds you to laser tattoo cleaning is necessary to pay attention to things: 1, after laser treatment can be one or more times to make the pigment disappeared or reduced. 2, laser treatment in the superficial, usually do not appear scar. 3. After laser treatment, the pigment can be changed in a short time, but it will disappear after several months. 4, treatment within two weeks, in principle, should not be wiped, to skin correction cream.

Xi 'an tattoo shop

5, small area treatment only in part of the slight swelling, large area of treatment, especially around the eyes of the treatment will show significant swelling, three, five days after their own. 6, after the laser can have a mild swelling, light brown scab, to pay attention to the wound maintenance, cleaning some of the available smooth drugs, stop early to scab, let the scab fall off. 7. The next treatment will be conducted about 1.5-2 months after the operation.

Laser treatment after the maintenance of 1, the treatment can show subtle pain, but also can show a short time of redness and other repercussions, will disappear. 2. The scab film fell off after 7-14 days, and the wound healed. Individual patients can present normal temporary calm pigment after surgery, which will be gradually absorbed. Oral administration of vitamin C can relieve the reflux of pigment.

3, healing time, can be coated with antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infection. Prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays from shining directly. Otherwise there will be a short time of calm pigment, after the infection can appear scar. 4, the scab has fallen off the treatment area do not touch the water, do not disguise, do not rub, avoid spicy, tobacco and wine. In the near future fastes the color deep food like: coffee, Pepsi cola and so on, must let the scab skin fall off by itself, must not fall off forcibly. Do not participate in strenuous exercise to avoid infection after sweating.

5, where pigment skin disease after treatment, must pay attention to sunscreen, pigment recession is a slow biological process, usually 1-2.5 months, this time must continue to prevent sun. In order to obtain the best effect, must repeat the healer, should be more than 3 months away.

6, according to the nature of the disease pigment depth and parts, some diseases can be treated repeatedly. So xi 'an tattoo shop warned everyone, during the laser tattoo must try to control some bad habits, to ensure that the tattoo can be removed as soon as possible

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