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Tattoo story - Xian good tattoo shop, Xian tattoo which is better?

Release date:2019-07-30

Tattoo story - Xi'an good tattoo shop, Xi'an tattoo which is good? (About my tattoo) The important thing is about me, who I am, my identity. It shows who I am. When we saw these (tattoos), we knew what I like because my tattoos reflect what I like.


Xi'an tattoo which is better

When I saw this passage, I thought about some things in our tattoo community in Xi'an. Many customers simply don't know what they like, and I don't know what kind of pattern belongs to me! It’s all blind and tattooed! (Just some people) Tattoos are a lifetime thing, and the only thing that can be taken away in this life is tattoos.

I hope that all tattoo lovers don't look so tattooed. It is an art, there is a tattooist's soul and your thoughts are inside, and finally there is such a great work! I hope everyone cherishes it! Don't follow the trend, don't look at people's tattoos. Advise you not to do it, but also regret it! Don't use tattoos as a place to buy clothes.

I hope that everyone (friends who don't know tattoos) should consult the tattoo shop for more money when they go to the tattoo shop....Please ask the tattoo shop what the standard is. Is it charged by the hour or according to the complexity of the size of the pattern! (I charge according to the actual size and complexity) If you can accept it, then further communication with the tattoo artist, tell the tattooist what you like, what type of effect do you want... tattoo artist will naturally tell You are related to the cost.

How to check the good and bad of the tattoo shop, at least you should first look at the style of the tattoo artist's work is not the type you like. I don't like how much you spend on estimating that you don't get the results you want. If you like, you can look at the tattoo artist's manuscript. (If it is original) Painting and tattoo are inseparable. After these two observations, you can make a detailed comparison with other stores to see which one is closer to your favorite. Style, that is, who is better than who! Very simple!

Which tattoo is good in Xi'an? I wish every tattoo enthusiast can have his own tattoo. It belongs to oneself and I really like it! Xi'an Tattoo Shop Yinu Tinghua wishes you all a happy tattoo experience!

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