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What are the modification steps and operation skills of Xian tattoo?

Release date:2019-08-02

What are the modification steps and operation skills of Xi'an tattoo? 1, commonly used is the cover method. Cover the old pattern with a new pattern. Generally, the new pattern is larger than the old one, and it is better to cover it. 2. Fill in the law. Due to the poor technique of the former tattoo artist, some of the lines of the tattoo are not connected, and they are dotted or dotted. If the guest asks to follow the original picture, the line should be taken at the outermost side of the original line when secant, so it is easier to cover the original picture, just connect the line along the original picture, and use the three-pin line to add On the color, the effect will be better.

Xi'an tattoo

3. Design method (requires a certain art foundation). For those who don't have a foundation in art, you can use the stitching method directly or modify a small part of a pattern.

4. Covering methods for scars and wounds. The small map is used to cover the wound and the pattern is designed according to the shape of the wound. The wound must be healed for half a year before the tattoo can be made. The complementary color can only be replenished after one month. For tattoos, you may really have a mentality of no regrets, but the pursuit of patterns is getting higher and higher, and it is inevitable that aesthetics will change.

Tattooists are not advised to use anesthetics when tattooing, because anesthetics will reduce skin elasticity, not in optimal condition during tattooing, and cause some deviation in coloring; side effects such as nausea, vomiting, suffocation and respiratory obstruction may also occur. Anesthetic drugs such as procaine require a skin test to prevent allergies. In addition, the use of anesthetic drugs may be addictive and require strict control and grasp of the pointer.

If an anesthetic is used, the Xi'an tattoo artist needs to determine the dose of the anesthetic and the waiting time for the application according to the size of the pattern, the tattoo part, and the skin sensitivity of the guest. After applying the anesthetic, wrap the tattoo on the plastic wrap and wait until the skin is slightly red. Tattoo work; but tattoos are not recommended for everyone to use anesthetics, because anesthetics will damage the skin tissue, although the pain is reduced, but it destroys your skin tissue, after the tattoo is restored, it will greatly affect the effect.

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