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Which Xian tattoo is good? How to adjust the tattoo schedule?

Release date:2019-08-09

Which Xi'an tattoo is good? How to adjust the tattoo schedule? The stroke refers to the penetrating power of the machine to the skin and the bounce height of the needle. The long stroke of the stroke is strong to the skin, and the short penetration force of the stroke is small. Large needles and thick needles have many needles, and the resistance surface that touches the skin will be larger than the fine needles. Therefore, it is necessary to use a machine with a long penetration force, so that the line will not scrape the skin. On the contrary, the needles of small needles and fine needles are few, and the resistance surface of the skin is small, so that it is not necessary to have such a large stroke, and it can be pierced into the skin with a single push.

Which Xi'an tattoo is good

Many masters say why the machine is hanging on the skin. This is because the stroke is not enough. Some people will refute: it is not enough to increase the voltage. not really. On the premise of the same needle length of 2mm, assuming that your machine stroke is only 3mm, even if you adjust the voltage higher, it is difficult to pierce the 4mm saturation and the line speed because it wears two pairs of skin. Different penetration.

(The saturation of the same color spur block 4mm will be significantly higher than 3mm, and in the case of the same voltage type, the 4mm coloring efficiency will be greater than 3mm.)

The trip is like the difference between a needle and a pen in the air. If the height is 10 cm, the needle is easy to insert into the soil, and the pen will not work. This height space is like a stroke, the pen is like a thick needle, and the needle is like a fine needle.

Assuming that the height is changed to 1 meter or 2 meters or even higher, the pen is easily inserted into the soil at this time, and the higher the height, the easier it is to insert.

Which Xi'an tattoo is good? So it takes a lot of penetrating power to pierce the thick needle into the skin. It is not a simple needle length. The length of the needle is mainly controlled by adjusting the distance between the handle and the needle. Then the voltage is to adjust the frequency of the machine, not the faster the frequency, the greater the machine power.

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