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Xian tattoo artist is not a scam fortune tellers, please pay attention!

Release date:2019-08-16

Xi'an tattoo artist is not a fortune teller who defrauds money and deceives feelings. The industry problem of tattoos is nothing, because most people don’t know enough about tattoos, or we don’t realize that tattoos are just a culture! Therefore, all kinds of wonderful problems will appear. Today, Art slaves will come to talk to you about tattoos and taboos!

Xi'an tattoo

Tattooists are not arbitrarily deceiving unscrupulous fortune tellers! You can consult a tattoo artist about tattoos, but if you are concerned about fate, please go to "authentic fortune-telling" and they are professional!

Some tattoo lovers went to the tattoo shop to consult, and first reported the ugly expression of the tattooist who had no choice but to report the birth of the character. I was speechless. . . Tattoo is what a tattoo has to do with you, as long as you are 18 years old!

Just like going to the hairdressing, what hair style depends on your face shape, your character, has nothing to do with your birthday character. Now there are many reasons for tattooing, and life is one of them, but the pursuit is a good meaning, tattoo Can't change your destiny, fate is related to your personal efforts, not that I give you a wealthy god, you will be a family! If you don't give you a tattoo, you will hit the ghost. . . If the tattoo artist does not need a tattoo, he will give himself a wealthy god.

Xi'an tattoo

There are still a lot of people who will say that the lines are afraid of not moving, I am wondering, a full back tattoo but a dozen grams of weight, do not move? We Chinese people pay attention to it, but it is not superstition! Can those who paint Buddhas paint ghosts before they have to draw a life to see if they can draw? Too ridiculous, we have faith is a good thing, faith is used to motivate us, encourage yourself not to take the road, be a good person! Instead of trusting you, you can avoid all suffering, then you just believe in your own heart! There are ghosts in my heart. Tattoo is an art form, a power!

Tattoos should be exquisite, be unique, have meaning, be self-loving, don't be greedy for being cheap and be ruined by unscrupulous people, don't make mistakes, pay attention to the combination of patterns and body parts, such as carrier combination.

Fine: Of course, the work is delicate.

Unique: a self-contained, unique tattoo.

Significance: Every tattoo has a story, whether it is to commemorate or motivate oneself, or to believe, or to be a kind of inner yearning, or to just pursue it.

Don't ruin the skin: The standard for measuring a good tattoo master is his painting skills, such as original ability, and his tattoo work, not cheap. Cheap reason to make up the brain.

Combination: The combination of the pattern and the body part, the area is proportional to the part. The pattern is combined with the story of the carrier, character, hobby, etc.

Impact: Some people choose to tattoo on very obvious parts such as hands or face. This kind of Xi'an tattoo needs careful consideration and can easily affect your work and life. If you are not very passionate about tattoos and are freelancers, it is recommended not to consider obvious parts.

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